Sunday, May 12, 2013


This is a story 40 years in the making.

June 9, 1973 - 2013


With turquoise, southern-inspired bridesmaids dresses, and ivory-brimmed hats, my mother and father held a military-style wedding only three days after my dad's graduation from the Naval Academy in 1973.

The wedding style was inspired by fashions of the time, 
and the photography was shot by a friend from the fire department.  

                          (His photography experience came from taking pictures of the arson cases....)

                                                               My father was dressed in all white,

and the cake was cut with a sword.

It will be 40 years on June 9th that my parents have been married, and I see that their relationship is now more than ever founded in partnership, respect, and love.

Happy Mother's day to you, Mom, and happy 40th Anniversary to you both.  
I'll post a few pictures on the actual day (you gotta see that sword...) as well as what I have planned for my dad's Anniversary/Father's Day gift. 


PS: Happy Mother's Day to mamas out there, whatever form that love comes in.

We literally could not be here without you...